Case Results

Please Note: The names depicted in case summaries below have been changed to protect the identities of our clients. Each case is unique, and nothing here constitutes a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

People v. Escobar

TRIAL | Charged with robbery and felony assault resulting in great bodily injury, our client was facing multiple strikes and significant time in prison. Mr. Donato took this case to trial, earning not guilty jury verdicts on both charges. Mr. Escobar walked out of court a free man, holding his young daughter in his arms.

People v. Kajmic

DISMISSED | Our cient's DUI was dismissed after we obtained the officer's in car camera video which revealed the officer had fabricated major portions of the report.  Thanks in part to Mr. Donato's discoveries, the officer in this case was arrested and eventually plead guilty to numerous counts of perjury and obstruction of justice.  The officer was ultimately sentenced to prison.

People v. Spaint

DISMISSED | Our client was facing felony charges of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale.  After successfully having the case dismissed, Mr. Donato also negotiated with the District Attorney to return the $20,000 in cash that was seized from our client.

People v. Hudson

TRIAL | With a client facing charges for possession of methamphetamine for sale in addition to firearm enhancements, even the judge questioned Mr. Donato as to why he was taking the case to trial. In the end, however, the jury had very few questions to ask, as it took them less than an hour to return their not guilty verdicts for Mr. Donato's client.

People v. Hillman

TRIAL | Our client faced charges for felony domestic violence and misdemeanor child abuse.  Mr. Donato showed the jury at trial that Mr. Hillman's spiteful ex-girlfriend had lied about the facts.  Mr. Hillman walked into trial facing 10 years in prison, but he walked out a free man.

People v. Howe

DISMISSED | Our client's drug case was dismissed after Mr. Donato proved to a judge that the officer's only basis for conducting a probation search in this case was for harassment purposes in violation of his client's 4th Amendment Rights.  

People v. Roman

TRIAL | Our office took this DUI all the way to trial, and in just 20 minutes the jury returned verdicts of not guilty on all counts.  The judge subsequently dismissed the violation of probation that the DA had filed against our client.  The DA's offer going into trial was for Mr. Roman to serve 2 years in prison, but he walked out of court with his wife a free man. 

People v. Ray

DISMISSED | Even before trial, our office had this case dismissed by presenting evidence that our client, who faced felony charges of possessing marijuana for sale, qualified as a legal caregiver and was protected from prosecution under the California medical marijuana laws.

People v. Roberts

TRIAL | Mr. Donato took this DUI to trial and effectively discredited a retired Sheriff's deputy, who said he saw Mr. Roberts hit another car.  The jury discounted his testimony entirely and found Mr. Roberts not guilty on all counts.  


People v. August

DISMISSED | This battery case was ultimately dismissed after our office conducted investigation and found independent witnesses who stated that the victim lied to police and actually started the fight.  The DA agreed to dismiss the case and Ms. August was able to maintain her clean record.

People v. Brown

TRIAL | Mr. Donato won a full acquittal at trial by showing that the DA could not prove Mr. Brown was under the influence of alcohol at the time he was driving.  The jury concluded the case was too speculative, and Mr. Brown walked on all DUI charges against him.  


People v. Johnson

TRIAL | In this case, Mr. Donato fought at trial and hung the jury 10-2 in favor of not guilty after effectively putting on a "no drive" defense.  The DA decided to retry the case and Mr. Donato again hung the jury.  The DA finally decided to dismiss the case, and Ms. Johnson now has a clean criminal record. 


People v. Farris

DISMISSED | Our client was one of several defendants charged with possession of methamphetamine for sale. The defendants were found at an alleged "crack-house" surrounded by various illegal narcotics, and even firearms. After threatening to go to trial, Mr. Donato had the entire case against our client dismissed by day two in court.

People v. Mattley

TRIAL | Charged with possession of a concealed firearm inside of a car, our client was facing special criminal enhancements. Not only did the gun have an illegal high-capacity magazine, our client allegedly possessed the gun in association with a gang.  Mr. Donato fought this case at trial and hung the jury 9-3 for not guilty. But the District Attorney elected to re-try the case. Mr. Donato responded by taking the case to trial again, this time returning with a full not guilty verdict. 

People v. Johnson

DISMISSED | After an intense road rage incident, our client was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly ramming another car with her own. After diligent investigation and negotiations with the Prosecutors in this case, Mr. Donato persuaded the government to dismiss the case in its entirety.

People v. Lambert

DISMISSED | Mr. Donato covinced the District Attorney that his client was protected under the Medical Marijuana Laws as a legal caregiver, and all felony charges regarding possessing marijuana for sale were dismissed. 

People v. Boudain

TRIAL | With a client facing life in prison on sexual assault charges, our office decided to take this case to trial. After fighting to expose the holes in the Prosecution's case, the jury returned not guilty verdicts on all counts.  Our client was released from custody the same day.

People v. Cain

TRIAL | Our office was proud to defeat the gang enhancement charge at trial for our client, who was charged with possessing a firearm for the benefit of a gang.  Defeating the gang enhancement was the sole reason for going to trial, and it saved our client from gaining a second strike conviction, not to mention significant prison time.

People v. Castle 

DISMISSED | With our client charged with felony vehicle theft and evading law enforcement, Mr. Donato sought out the necessary investigation to show that his client was actually not the driver of the vehicle. The DA dismissed all charges. 

People v. Montero

DISMISSED | Getting this felony case dismissed at preliminary hearing was a fight. But by effectively cross examining the arresting officer and showing that our client was not an accomplice to the alleged crime, Mr. Donato succeeded in getting this dismissal.  Our client came into the preliminary hearing facing felony charges of conspiracy and battery with great bodily injury, and he walked out a free man with an untarnished record.


People v. Mantos

TRIAL | Our office took this case to trial and successfully made a motion to dismiss the resisting arrest charges facing our client.  The District Attorney was unable to prove with evidence at trial that our client resisted or obstructed a peace officer during the course of his duties.  Mr. Donato effectively argued a motion to dismiss all charges, which was granted by the judge.


People v. Vega

DISMISSED | Mr. Donato's motion to dismiss was granted in this DUI case for a violation of Ms. Vega's speedy trial rights.  Mr. Donato investigated this case and learned that the officer had sent the arrest warrant to the wrong address and much of the evidence had been purged.  Although the DA argued that no speedy trial violation occurred, the Judge agreed with Mr. Donato and dismissed the case in its entirety. 


DMV v. Campos

ADMINISTRATIVE | At this DMV Administrative Per Se hearing, Mr. Donato argued that the Campus Police Officers did not have lawful authority to conduct a traffic stop away from campus. The Hearing Officer agreed and set aside our client's Campos' license suspension.


People v. Sanchez

TRIAL | Our office took this case to jury trial and received a full acquittal on all charges including DUI and refusing to take a chemical test.  This would have been Mr. Sanchez's second DUI and would have resulted in a year long license revocation

People v. Farley

DISMISSED | With a client facing charges for spousal battery, a serious offense that would have cost him his job, Mr. Donato effectively negotiated with the DA, resulting in a full dismissal in return for 12 anger management classes.