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Being charged with a criminal offense is not as uncommon as people think. If you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may look like you are committing a crime even if you were doing no such thing. At Donato Legal Group, we understand how difficult it can be to prove your innocence. Our Sacramento criminal defense lawyer is committed to fighting aggressively for your rights by giving your case the personalized attention and strategy it deserves. Schedule your free consultation today by calling our firm.

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Criminal Charges We Defend Against

Following an arrest, you may feel hopeless about your situation. The complex laws surrounding criminal charges can be difficult to understand, and prosecuting attorneys often go to great lengths to make sure you suffer severe consequences. At Donato Legal Group, our attorney understands how to help you tell your side of the story through an effective use of evidence and legal statutes. We have helped many clients to get their charges reduced or even dropped, and as your advocate, we will do everything we can to help you obtain a favorable outcome.

Donato Legal Group serves clients charged with crimes such as:

Our broad experience with different criminal charges gives us the understanding to help you fight for your rights even when the outcome looks bleak.

Building a Strong Case

A charge of criminal activity is not the same as a conviction, and our job is to keep those two separate. Our justice system affords each person the chance to prove that their situation is not just what the prosecutors say it is. We can help you plan for the challenges ahead and build a case that protects your interests.

Some possible defenses can include:

  • The alleged offense never took place: If you can show that the accusations against you cannot be true based on evidence, you may be able to avoid a conviction.
  • You are not the perpetrator: Wrongful accusations happen more often than people think, but they are not publicized nearly as much as convictions. By showing that you were elsewhere when the offense took place, you may be able to avoid the consequences of your charges.
  • You were coerced into a crime: Entrapment, coercion, and abuse are all potential causes for an otherwise law-abiding citizen to commit a crime. As your legal team, we will go over the evidence against you to show why your character prohibits such criminal activity.
  • The harm was less severe than alleged: Some people have been given heavy sentences for crimes that weren’t so severe. Where possible, we will work to help the courts see that you need a second chance—not a life sentence.
  • There was consent from the plaintiff: People have been known to change their minds with time, eventually deciding to accuse others of crimes they originally agreed to. Telling your history will be important here.

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Case Results

  • Case Dismissed Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Case Dismissed Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Not Guilty Assault with Deadly Weapon
  • Not Guilty Attempted Murder
  • Acquittal Attempted Murder

    Client was facing life in prison for attempted murder after a shooting on a bus where the jury found the client acted in self-defense.

  • Case Dismissed Battery Charge
  • Case Dismissed Battery Charged
  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence
  • Penalty Reduced Domestic Violence with Great Bodily Injury
  • Case Dismissed Drug Charge