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Sacramento Drug Crimes Lawyer

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At Donato Legal Group, our Sacramento drug crimes attorney will not condemn you. You will have a compassionate representative on your side who will fight to protect your rights and your future. If you were arrested on drug charges, give us a call today to get started on planning your defense strategy.

Dial (916) 318-5997 for a free consultation with the Sacramento drug crimes lawyer at Donato Legal Group. You can also contact our firm online.

What Are the Drug Laws in California?

While our state is fairly relaxed on marijuana laws, you can still be charged with a criminal offense if you are in possession of an amount over the legal limit or you are under the legal age. Other drugs will carry more serious penalties. If you were charged with one of these crimes, getting an early start on building your defense can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. The penalties of a conviction could include jail time, fines, and having a criminal record.

We may be able to help you through strategies such as:

  • Necessity: You require the drugs in possession for your health. They may have been prescribed by a doctor.
  • Not the illegal substance of which you have been accused: If a substance looks like an illegal drug, police may have you arrested without first verifying that it was in fact illegal. Donato Legal Group can order a lab test to prove that you were not in possession of anything dangerous.
  • Unlawful search and seizure: Many of our clients were arrested without being given the proper due process. It is illegal for police to search you without probably cause, so even if you were in possession of illegal substances, their case may be thrown out if we can prove they obtained evidence unlawfully.

What Are the Penalties for Possession of Cocaine in California?

One of the most common drug crimes in California is possession of cocaine. While the penalties can change if it is determined the drugs were meant for sale, possession of cocaine can include jail time of:

  • Up to 1-year (Misdemeanor)
  • Up to 3-years (Felony - if the accused has prior convictions)

Let Us Help You

We understand that your situation can feel hopeless. Donato Legal Group is here to help you fight for your rights and your freedom. Being charged with a crime doesn’t make you a bad person, but prosecutors often do what they can to paint you as a villain. According to the legal system, you are innocent until proven guilty. You have rights. Let our Sacramento drug crimes attorney help you stand strong in support of your future.

During your free consultation, we can help you better understand your situation and learn about how to proceed with your case. With the right preparation and careful planning, we may be able to help you avoid the devastating consequences of a conviction. Our attorney, Alan Donato can review the charges and evidence against you to check for errors or other potential advantages that could help your case. You are not alone. Our team is ready to stand with you.

Call (916) 318-5997 now and schedule your FREE consultation with a Sacramento drug crimes lawyer.

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